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Selasa, 11 Desember 2018

The Penal Colony

The Penal Colony

The times are running gradually in this colony, and that I take time to do anything that I enjoy doing when I believe it. Meanwhile, in between my spontaneous and idle actions, I hear the large number of birds singing, the gentle sea climbing away, the squirrel's squeaky rhythm, and that I take pleasure in the sight of all of the greenery that surrounds mepalm trees, banana trees, and the fantastic mangoes, the bougainvillea, along with the flowering hibiscus, in addition to the colossal banyan that protects and covers my residence and soul by the sunlight. They saturate my area with joy and oxygen.

The Penal Colony

The rest of life is too idiotic as my breath, either throughout the day and during the night, once the Queen of the Night, that sleeps, opens its blossoms, saturating the atmosphere with the intoxicating scent of roses. I glance the sun rising much past the tall trees fencing my house, the skies brightening, and the crows coming my balcony expecting to get a couple bites of my breakfast. Not today, not today, I have already eaten all of it, and also the crumbles belong into the rodents now.

Following a very long time, I compose in pencil on the laptop, like many ages back. The rate and the creepy noise of the ink which fixes on the newspaper are synchronous with the speed of my idea, my disposition of the moment along with the lush nature that surrounds me. I breathe deeply and look up to the skies, and down into the ground, and at the midst to the trees which combine the measurements. Seems, early morning scents, 200-degree eyesight, the flavor of breakfast in my own mouth, along with the atmosphere on my skin encircle my senses and finish the gift.

The brain wants its role and wonders if this really is a penal colony or even a decoration vacation I won or got some manner I also don't understand or recall. It is up to me to pick. Meanwhile, a bunny bellows from sight, and my ears are in celestial bliss.

With all of my love,

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